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February 19, 2019     5 min read

New Year’s Resolutions are just not a good method to achieve the things you want. Well-thought out goals, on the other hand, are a much more effective way to successfully complete the things you set out to do. 


Here are some reasons why I think New Year’s Resolutions usually fail and how goal-planning is a better alternative to establish long-lasting habits into your lifestyle: 

Monument Valley Reflection_edited.jpg

February 11, 2019     10 min read

Personal development is one way for you to find more meaning and purpose in your life so you aren’t just doing things aimlessly and without direction. By focusing your actions towards the objective of becoming a better you, you are giving yourself the freedom and fuel to pursue the life you've always wanted.

Sauna Bowl

The Benefits of Saunas

September 12, 2018     3 min read

Saunas have often been linked to better cardiovascular and circulatory function. Recent studies attribute it to longevity and significant overall decrease in all-cause mortality. Here are some of the benefits...

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