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Plate by Plate SF

September 2018

Project by Project (PbP) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower Asian American leadership through innovative philanthropy across the country. I volunteered for the San Francisco chapter’s fundraiser event, Plate by Plate SF, an annual tasting benefit with star chefs, top-rated restaurants, and beverages from the local area.


Each year the organization selects a community-based non-profit organization with a specific focus and designs a year-long campaign to help with its fundraising, community outreach, and public awareness efforts. 100% of the proceeds from the benefit are forwarded to the partner organization. This year, PbP partnered with Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay (VACCEB), a non-profit providing refuge and resources for low-income, Southeast Asians and underrepresented immigrant communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The event and organization is completely volunteer driven, where members are able to develop their leadership and operational skills that they can then apply into their professional and personal lives. I wanted to highlight their efforts and capture moments where members are relishing in their roles not only as event planners but also as local young professionals who are actively making a difference in their communities. 


It was an upscale, fine-dining experience even featuring a few Michelin-starred restaurants like Akiko’s, Hashiri SF, Taj Campton Place, and Salt House. The San Francisco Design Center provided an elegant, classy venue with two floors hosting the vendors and patrons. I focused on finding eye-catching viewpoints to feature the space as much as possible. 


The event itself was incredibly successful. With patrons dressed in their most stylish attire, it had the vibe of a high-class gala. Even some well-known Asian-American influencers attended like filmmaker Philip Wang, food blogger Yen Kim Phan, and 2018 Miss Asian America and Miss Asian Global Pageant winners Sophia Ng and Uchka Jimsee. I made sure to capture the guests socializing as they enjoyed the flourishing event. It was essential for me to emphasize the PbP brand and provide usable images to attract guests for years to come. 

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