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About me:


Hello, I’m Baldwin Diep, the founder of Sweet Life Studios in the Bay Area, California. I’m a freelance photographer with four years of experience. My background is in liberal arts subjects such as anthropology and urban planning/design. After focusing on travel photography as a hobby to capture my travels and experiences, I dove into other styles and genres such as weddings, brands, events, portraits, and videography to bring images that fill people with emotion and inspiration. It has since become my passion because of its effectiveness as a medium to create, express my ideas, and capture beautiful moments in the world and between people to create experiences that people enjoy. 

I founded Sweet Life Studios in 2017 after taking the very scary step of leaving my secure job in Urban Planning in search of a career that was more aligned with my skills and passions. That summer, I took time off to travel and invest in myself, not knowing where life would take me. But I realized that I wanted to at least try to find that passion because I knew I would always regret it if I didn’t. When I received my first major photography job for a wedding about six months later, I thoroughly relished the entire process as I had to quickly develop my knowledge and skills in preparation for the wedding. It sparked my creativity and I’ve been pursuing photography ever since. 

Growing up in an Asian household, I didn’t think a career in photography was even possible. But in the time since, I realized that I wanted to start my own business someday and taught myself the principles of photography, fueled by my insatiable desire to create. 

My favorite part of being a small business owner is learning and improving myself, and the process of building something, knowing that each choice I make is my own. I know that anything is possible with patience and practice, and I try to embody that with everything I do. As a photographer, I love meeting new people and learning the best parts about them so I can try and bring that out in my photography. The ability to share my vision with the world continues to drive me today. Whether you need new headshots, marketing assets for your brand, or just want to capture a special moment, I hope Sweet Life Studios can help you with your photography needs. 

Nowadays you can find me photographing events, brands, and people in the Bay Area, co-hosting a podcast on Asian-American films, or practicing digital marketing for my associated orgs. 

You can also find me on Instagram at:


What is Sweet Life?

Sweet Life is a creative studio focused on photography, videography, and content creation centered around people, brands, and lifestyle. 


When someone hires a photographer or creative, they usually already have a vision in mind. My process involves connecting with that vision, drawing it out and manifesting it into reality to meet the client’s goals. Even more broadly, I believe everyone has developed through their experiences a personal source of inspiration and emotion waiting to be discovered. I try to use my skills and insights to recognize what that is for each individual. 


My work in photography helps people capture their best versions of themselves in appearance, so they can feel the confidence to pursue what they want. It's meant to inspire people to follow their passions, seek enriching experiences, and live that ‘sweet life’ they've always wanted. 

More about me:

I’m a huge sports and fitness fan. And even bigger Frank Ocean fan. My brand name is actually taken from one of his songs off of his album Channel Orange.

For any inquiries, please fill out the form below or contact me at: baldwin@sweetlifestudios.co  

Contact Me

For any questions or print orders you may have, you can reach me here:

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