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DECEMBER 16, 2017

"There's only one happiness in life - it's to love and be loved". 
On December 16th, 2017, I shot my first professional project for Eidit and Abe's wedding. It was a long day of work lasting 13 hours, from makeup at 10AM to the closing of reception at midnight. But it was the months of preparation beforehand that was most grueling and fulfilling. I studied photography for hours everyday to learn about lighting, composition, positioning, and editing photos. I scoured the internet for resources such as books, online tutorials, and other wedding portfolios. And by the time of the wedding day, I was naturally able to let my preparation and instincts take over and capture the wedding's unforgettable moments. 
My goal was to not only get the usual wedding shots, but also document this pair's two families coming together. It was a meeting of two cultures: Assyrian and Ethiopian. And each had their own traditional ceremonies that played out beautifully, all in the collected effort to celebrate these two. 
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