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  • Baldwin Diep

Eric & Angela // Beautiful Proposal at Shark Fin Cove, California Coast

Custom sign made by A Juang Production, commemorating Eric and Angela's day of engagement. (Baldwin Diep/Sweet Life Studios)

Last weekend I had the privilege to be there when my partner's sister and her boyfriend got engaged at the edge of a cliff along the California Coast.

The spot holds a special place for these two as they share many memories there. And I've got to admit it was a perfect location for a proposal. I mean, who wouldn't want to get engaged on a California cliffside? With the ocean sea breeze and the setting sun in the background, it all adds up to a very romantic backdrop.

They'd been together for over four years and had planned their engagement for a while already. But when COVID-19 hit, their plans had changed. Even with the complications of planning, Eric was determined to move forward. A large celebratory proposal with close friends had turned into and much more intimate event with just family - Angela's two sisters (and me, lol). Luckily, with modern technology we were able to broadcast the entire proposal on Zoom using a phone so that all of their friends and family were able to watch.

We arrived there early to set up the decorations. Originally we wanted to set down vases of flowers but the wind turned out to be way too strong. So we improvised and set the flowers down to make a circle instead, along with a photo album chronicling the history of their relationship and a beautiful sign made by A Juang Production.

After setting up, we hid behind a bush and waited for the two to arrive. And when they did, Eric flipped through the pages of the album reminiscing on all of their special moments while we popped out of our hiding spots to document the spectacle. After a few minutes, he got down on one knee and popped the question! Obviously, with the proposal in the presence of her two sisters, there were tears, tears, everywhere.

After capturing the moments and taking a few group photos, we headed down to the beach of Shark Fin Cove to get some more. Unfortunately it was a Saturday and the college kids were out to play that evening. But we were able to find a spot right on the rocks. You can see the beautiful couple captured in the images below.


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