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  • Baldwin Diep

Family Portraits at Alviso Marina County Park

When my good friends Lena and Tony, who I previously did some family portraits for, asked me to grab some more with Tony's side of the family after they saw the original ones, of course I said yes!

This time it was a much bigger group with twelve members, four of which were children. I wanted to find a different setting since the weather was a little more overcast and the mood would be a little different. So I did some research and found a hidden gem right in the armpit of the Bay - Alviso Marina County Park.

It's not the grassy green park that we're used to. But it had a lot of cool features that I thought would make for an interesting background. With boardwalks, marshes, dry grass, and especially the picturesque door frames scattered throughout, I was surprised I'd never heard of this place before.

Posing big groups and getting them all lined up nicely can be tough because there's a lot of people to manage. Especially with kids - you know you can only get their attention for about half an hour and then they're just over it lol. But when you're able to get everyone in place and smiling perfectly at the camera at the same time, it can be super rewarding!


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