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  • Baldwin Diep

Tiffany & Tex's Mini Engagement Session // Crissy Fields, San Francisco

A good friend of mines and Christine's recently got engaged right before the holidays and immediately asked if they could get a mini-session in. They wanted a quick turnaround so they could get them printed for some holiday cards to send out.

At first we were thinking of going to the Redwoods in Oakland, but since the sunlight and weather was a bit unreliable, we opted for a more open location.

I'd always wanted to do a session at Crissy Field in San Francisco with the grassy fields and bridge in the background. Things had just never lined up but this was the perfect opportunity to finally shoot there!

I've known Tiffany and Tex for several years, both as friends and more recently as they became a couple. They seemed to fit so comfortably in each other's arms, so the session went very smoothly as it felt natural to guide them through the poses.

I wanted to do a more timeless style for this shoot. With less posed shots and a more natural vibe, with some fun movements mixed in.

The idea was to treat this more like a date at the park, letting them be there together in their love and forgetting that I was there to take photos. This isn't always easy to do, it comes as a result of the couple simply being happy to be with each other and excited to start their new lives together. As a photographer, I can help guide them through it but they need to bring that energy!

After we finished at Crissy Field, since the light was still so good we actually decided to get some shots in at Lover's Lane, which was close by. That radiant sun peeking through the trees gets me every time.

By the time our session was done, I realized our mini-session had turned into a normal session without even knowing. I think I just got caught up in the shoot and capturing the love between these two. No regrets here!


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