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  • Baldwin Diep

Joining Reel Asian Podcast, Embracing my Asian American Identity, and a Photoshoot!

"A show focused on Asian American films where each episode presents discussions at a variety of angles, both in the micro- & macro-views of Asian American culture. Join Ray, Alan, Brian, and other guest hosts as they analyze the what, how, and why these films are worth talking about through their own eyes."

Of course I said yes - since I love all things cinema and wanted to expand my sphere as well as join a cool group of people with similar interests. But another reason I joined is because I feel that I've neglected embracing my Asian American identity for a while now. And my recent experiences have motivated me to take a deeper look into that side and explore it more.

The podcast dives into very complex topics that discuss the influence of Asian Americans films on American culture and vice versa. And it isn't afraid to have strong opinions about things they don't agree with.

I'm a little more on the cinematic and technical side - I love talking about what makes a movie good or enjoyable. But not very experienced about the socio-cultural impact aspect of it so I'm eager to develop that side further.

The Meet-Up and Photoshoot

So I recently met up with most of the team (except for Renee) for the first time and it was great to get to know them and share about our common interests.

But the real point of the meet up was the PHOTOSHOOT. For any organization the key for a successful brand (besides quality content) is having great marketing assets. So it was good to get them together and capture images that they can use to represent themselves and the Pod.

For this shoot, I brought my studio lighting kit as well as a seamless backdrop for the individual headshots. More on that later. But you can see some of the shots of the team below:

And of course we had to get some shots of the team in action in a "recording session". Really looking forward to building up this brand as time goes on and we develop more.

Me on the Pod

My first episode will be discussing the old classic, "Seven Samurai". An obscure choice but one that I feel might be the genesis of Asian films in America.

I'm both nervous and excited to contribute to the Pod since I've never been great at public speaking. But discomfort is good, right?

My first episode will be discussing the old classic, "Seven Samurai". An obscure choice but one that I feel might be the genesis of popular Asian films in America. So look out for that one and in the meantime, join their social pages below:

And be sure to catch the two most recent episodes covering Disney's Mulan and Netflix's The Half of It!


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